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Elk Velvet Antler Supplements
Yurtland Natural Health
Elk Velvet Antler Supplements
Yurtland Natural Health Elk Velvet Antler Supplements
Yurtland Elk Velvet Antler Supplements
Yurtland Elk Velvet Antler Supplements Yurtland Elk Bastgeweih Yurtland Elk bois de velours

OSTOVIDA® Elk Velvet Antler, a natural remedy for dogs.
Premium quality, 26 years of experience.
Try our OSTOVIDA® Elk Velvet Antler, your dog will be very thankful.
Produced and Distributed by Yurtland Natural Health. Sold in USA, Canada and Europe.
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Yurtland Velvet Antler for dogsSince moving from Switzerland to Canada in 1985, we have witnessed the growing concerns of people over this country's health care system, along with their desire to take charge of their personal well being. You can therefore imagine our excitement over the growing recognition that herbal and nutritional products are now finding throughout North America. Many of these products have a well established tradition in our homeland, and we have traveled extensively to learn about many more - natural practices drawn from the rich heritages of Chinese herbal medicine, Native American healing techniques and Western naturopathy.

We have been honored and privileged to make our own contribution to this field. In 1992, we developed our Yurtland® line of natural health supplements, and we have never paused in our ongoing efforts to create new formulas to benefit our customers. We hope you agree that those efforts will help to advance the quality of natural health care around the world.

As a company with a deep investment in the well being of its clientele, Yurtland Natural Health is dedicated to the safe use of natural supplements. Above all, we are eager to educate the public, eager to share this vast knowledge of different cultures, continents and climates, eager to introduce the world to a unique blend of modern scientific knowledge and time-honored tradition. What we have produced should be nothing less than the highest quality in the Natural Products Industry.

It has been more than two decades since Yurtland brought its interest in good health from Switzerland to Canada, establishing a company that would transform that interest into products to help people on a daily basis. Yurtland Natural Health is responsible for the Yurtland® line of food supplements, which features some of the best selections from nature's pharmacy. Processed and packaged on the company site in rural Eastern Ontario, Canada, these products are a reflection of the Yurts' ongoing passion to promote natural health.

Yurtland Velvet Antler"Good health is not just a matter of having a sound body," says Christian Yurt, Director and Manager of Yurtland Natural Health's manufacturing plant. "It's a balance of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being all of the elements that contribute to natural healing."

We at Yurtland believe that one must have respect for the laws of nature, but the only way to understand nature is to understand ourselves, building a link to our innermost being. Only that kind of harmony creates genuine health. We see ourselves educating people to take better care of their health.  As part of that process, we are constantly adding new products to Yurtland®'s line of offerings.

Erica Yurt, Owner and President of Yurtland Natural Health, manages and oversees the company's day-to-day operations. Also born in Switzerland, she is fluent in English, German and French. She also has a degree as commercial clerk, business and administration. Erica voices the company's philosophy, "Being healthy is the most important thing in my life. Too often we eat without thinking about what we're eating. Food supplements can have a specific positive effect on your health, but more importantly, they get you to take a closer look at all aspects of your diet."

Yours in good health,
Erica and Christian Yurt

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