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Elk Velvet Antler Supplements
Yurtland Natural Health
Elk Velvet Antler Supplements
Yurtland Natural Health Elk Velvet Antler Supplements
Yurtland Elk Velvet Antler Supplements
Yurtland Elk Velvet Antler Supplements Yurtland Elk Bastgeweih Yurtland Elk bois de velours

OSTOVIDA® Elk Velvet Antler , a natural remedy for dogs.
Premium quality, 26 years of experience.
Try our OSTOVIDA® Elk Velvet Antler, your dog will be very thankful.
Produced and Distributed by Yurtland Natural Health. Sold in USA, Canada and Europe.
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Yurtland Velvet AntlerFor the other important member of your family:

OSTOVIDA® for dogs & cats suffering from all kinds of joint and mobility problems such as:

• Osteoarthritis / Osteoarthrosis
• Degenerative Joint Disease
• Hip, Knee and Elbow Dysplasia
• Hypertrophic Arthritis
• Shoulder Degeneration
• Osteochondrosis

Yurtland Ostovida Velvet Antler for Dogs and Cats
Velvet Antler for Dogs & Cats

Product Licence NPN 80034616 and Site Licence 300460
Competitive prices - unbeatable premium quality velvet antler

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Elk Velvet Antler for dogs & cats. 100% pure and natural.
Don’t wait until it’s too late.

1 Bottle of premium quality elk velvet antler capsules containing 60 capsules, $38.00
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Save $10.00 on each bottle of elk velvet antler, containing 120 capsules.
Special price $64.00, regular price $74.00, whether it is for humans or for dogs and cats.

Don’t forget the advantage of the exchange rate.

Yurtland Velvet AntlerDOGS LOVE OSTOVIDA® Elk Velvet Antler

For over 26 years, Yurtland Natural Health has been a pioneer and leader in producing top quality, 100% pure and natural Velvet Antler supplements. These supplements have been produced for dogs and other house pets through OSTOVIDA® and for humans through VITA PRIMA® We've had countless personal experiences and testimonials of people who've experienced the positive effects of these products over the years.

As with humans, dogs who start advancing in age can start having health problems. Hips, joints, liver, bones, and kidney complications are both found in dogs and humans. OSTOVIDA® for dogs is a supplement which has benefits and support for all of those problems. It is essential not only for the growth but also for the maintenance and the regeneration of the affected areas.

Elk velvet antler for dogs and other pets is 100% natural and consists of:

- Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate
- Omega-3 and omega-6 acids
- Minerals such as: calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron
- Collagen
- All 8 essential amino acids, fatty acids, etc.

We have come to believe in the value of OSTOVIDA® for dogs for dramatically improving their quality of life. Many controlled studies to evaluate Elk Velvet Antler in the treatment for osteoarthritis and senility resulted in significant improvement in gait, energy, muscle mass, brain activity and many other general activities in the dog's daily life.

Our dogs and other pets have become such a big part of the family, that it is imperative to do everything in our power to increase their longevity and their health. Try today our OSTOVIDA® velvet antler. Your dog & other pets will thank you for it.

As a company with a deep investment in the well being of its clientele, Yurtland Natural Health is dedicated to the safe use of natural supplements. Above all, we are eager to educate the public, eager to share this vast knowledge of different cultures, continents and climates, eager to introduce the world to a unique blend of modern scientific knowledge and time-honored tradition. What we have produced should be nothing less than the highest quality in the Natural Products Industry.

It has been more than two decades since Yurtland brought its interest in good health from Switzerland to Canada, establishing a company that would transform that interest into products to help people and animals on a daily basis. Yurtland Natural Health is responsible for the Yurtland® line of food supplements, which features some of the best selections from nature's pharmacy. Processed and packaged on the company site in rural Eastern Ontario, Canada, these products are a reflection of the Yurts' ongoing passion to promote natural health for humans, dogs and other pets.

Erica Yurt, Owner and President of Yurtland Natural Health, manages and oversees the company's day-to-day operations. Also born in Switzerland, she is fluent in English, German and French. She also has a degree in business and administration. Erica voices the company's philosophy, "Being healthy is the most important thing in my life”. Too often we eat without thinking about what we're eating. Food supplements can have a specific positive effect on your health, but more importantly, they get you to take a closer look at all aspects of your or your pet’s diet.

Beneficial Effects of Elk Velvet Antler

Velvet Antler for dogs have the remarkable property of regenerating themselves. They can therefore be removed whole, once a year, from live animals, in a humane and painless process that is approved by an independent professional veterinarian. Afterward, the velvet antler is quickly processed: Freeze dried, ground to a powder, pasteurized, tested by a federal approved laboratory, incl. microbiology test, heavy metal and pesticide. Test results have to be approved by our quality assurance agent and last but not least the powder will be measured and encapsulated. We only use Canadian velvet antler from carefully selected producers. To yield the most effective supplement, velvet antler must be harvested at the peak of the velvet stage, in early summer. This is when antler growth is at its maximum, long before a significant part of the antler has calcified. The resulting product contains a number of constituents that are important to its role as medicine.

Elk Velvet Antler is adaptogenic, helping to normalize many functions of our body. It can dissipate lactic acid, the cause of muscle pain, while regenerating damage to the nervous system or joints. Velvet Antler can normalize testosterone levels of women and men, increasing libido when it is in imbalance, as well as increasing men's sperm count and increases the production of red blood cells while enhancing the level of oxygen transported to the brain, liver and kidneys. It also helps the immune system and can relieve circulatory problems like cold hands or feet, as well as more serious conditions such as anemia. It lowers the body’s level of free radical molecules, agents that lead to early aging; Velvet Antler also increases mental concentration and metabolism energy level. It increases endurance, strength and muscle development, while reducing stress and promoting recovery from athletic injuries.

Elk Velvet Antler can stimulate the growth and regeneration of the body for children, adults, senior citizens, dogs or other pets. Velvet Antler reduce blood pressure by dilating peripheral blood vessels. It protects against stress and depression, helping to repair nervous tissues and can also improve the quality of sleep and reduce the possibility of insomnia. Velvet Antler strengthens bones and fights osteoporosis, relieves arthritis, rheumatism, stiffness, muscle pain between joints and lumbago. Velvet Antler helps to control diabetes. It helps to reduce cholesterol level. Velvet Antler may help to relieve premenstrual syndrome, symptoms of pregnancy and menopause.

Yours in good health,
Erica and Christian Yurt

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